Friday, October 9, 2009


It has been such a great time seeing the reactions and comments towards my teen pregnancy and the attention i am getting. I am so happy,excited and chuffed that I am actually making a difference and raising questions about conventional pregnancy.

Anita found my blog and commented - this really made me feel great and today i shall be belly exploring with her in mind...
Thanks anita - your awesome!!

Anita said...

"hey. i came across your blog and actually found it really funny. I honestly admire your courage to go out with that belly when you are not really preggies. most young girls who fall pregnant find it hard to walk out in public with their bellies because they feel judged all the time, which is sad because they have to carry they heavy load and they don't understand that what other people think of their pregnancy doesn't really matter. what matters is how they feel about themselves.

I'm 21, but people think i'm 18 and pregnant, but for me the experience of being pregnant is exciting and happy. Unlike you i walk out smiling and not scared at all when i go out with my belly. People look and i actually rub my belly and wink at them when they look at me with displeasure. When my fiance and i go to dinner, sometimes people look at me as if they're saying' look at what this generation get up to these days" and when my man sees that i'm feeling down he just gets up, comes to my side and kisses my belly which instantly gives me a boost.

Neways sorry for this long ass comment, was just passing by and you've just made my week.

Not only that but people outside vega are really reading my posts and thinking about these issues!!

Steven said...

"hey, that's interesting. You know, i never really felt the need to watch juno, i always brushed it off as just a well-reviewed teen pregnancy story - not something i ever dwelt on or a topic i would think about for more than 5 seconds before casting a biased/presumptious judgement. 

But with a friend of mine now posing as a pregnant teen, i would love to try to understand it more, your efforts kind of made it more real for me, i'm surprised at my reaction. 

I think i'll watch Juno now, thanks Lisa.

Looking forward to future posts"

Yay, its actually working

This has made me want to go even further into the investigation, thanks so much to all that read my crazy pregi blog.


  1. Hello Baby Girl and Bobbley. How did I get so lucky to have a part in making someone as wonderful as you! Your project is awesome, photo's stunning and your comments want to make me laugh and cry at the same time. So proud of you my angel. But please remember this, "I'm still too young to be a granny just yet" even though the photo's of you and bobbley are too cute for words! Love you xxxx

  2. I love you Lis, you're the only person I know who can touch someone through a Critical Studies blog. Its such a reflection on who you are. That comment is so awesome, just shows how a young pregnancy is not always unplanned or cause for panic! X