Saturday, October 10, 2009

Facebook attention

A few days ago I added a pregnant photo of myself on facebook.
The reaction was instant...

"O my word, why didn't you tell me"

"Are you pregnant"
(pfft, no i just got really fat)

"Why is everyone falling pregnant all of a sudden?"

"Hey,never knew you were pregnant?"

"is this a joke?"

I haven't responded to any of them yet, i do not know if i should leave them to gossip or talk to them and carry on with my happy pregnant story? (any advice?)
What i also found is that people did not comment on the actual photo but they all wrote on chat or sent me a message?? Whats up with that??
I also received a message last night from an ex boyfriends brother asking if i was pregnant too. Wow news travels fast... (via facebook)

No one has approached me in public yet, its all about the stare. Especially when you walking to kfc at 8 30 in the morning with a half naked man. (Cornel)Yes a pregnant women needs her food!


  1. This is really getting very interesting. Never thought about this "issue" to this extend. Yes, I think you should leave people to stew in their own misconceptions a bit longer. Very strange indeed that they don't comment directly on the photo! Don't they want to talk about it in "public"? But the photo is already public? Do they feel that sending a direct message rather than write on your wall would keep the taboo subject of teenage pregnancy secret, even just if it is to make them feel better? Well, 10/10 for you for bravely taking on this task. Luvs

  2. If you want news to travel, put it on Facebook!! Real or not you make a gorgeous and happy pregnant lady!! They're all just jealous that's why they staring (that's what I tell myself haha) .. Ronnie x