Tuesday, October 6, 2009

a pregnancy ponder..

If i don't look like that (see below) , then what??...

What makes the ideal pregnant individual?? (publics opinion)
-in a relationship
-pregnant glow
-wears sweet outfits
Insights given by family,friends and peers.

Are these people not ideal?

“Glamour cannot exist without personal social envy being a common and widespread emotion.”

John berger

I found this book called, pregnant pictures which has very interesting topics. Yay, it is so hard to find a book that actually deals with the subject as opposed to the millions of manuals about correct diet plans and exercising. Haha i think this belly has created maternal like side effects!

Look what i found - (just something to think about...)

"Popular notions of pregnancy are carnal, often sentimental - sometimes even grotesque. The physical productions of the pregnant body are discreet - a subject for the doctors office, the bedroom and the private talk of women. The swollen womb is an atavistic protuberance of body fluid,blood and tissue. Camera work on the other hand is tasteful, an appropriate topic for the dinner table, the musuem syposium and the chic magazine. The photograph is a sleek and glossy surface, a weightless skin. What is the impulse that would seek to implicate these two firmly with one another and then to dwell on their conjunction? Why the subject of pregnant pictures? "

Sandra Matthews and Laura Wexer

print advertisements. (spot the difference)

The copy reads, "Maternity clothes help to conceal your condition and keep you smart throughout your pregnancy"

Can you believe it??

Present maternity ads

feelings of the day:

EMBARRASSED, UPSET, BIG, MOMMY LIKE (its amazing how much authority you think you have with a belly :)

quote of the day: (thanks Pia)

"O my word, i never realised you were pregnant"

Pia Vehmeyer


  1. arent ur back gettin sore ? I forgot to ask how many months ?
    my last post with my hat on will answer ur question.

    good luck !