Sunday, October 4, 2009

The night before...

After chatting to many of my friends and family members as well as evaluating myself, I have come up with a few main things that distinguish WHo i am?

This is what i have picked up....

20 year old student

Due to the characteristics such as SHY,INTROVERT,CONSCIOUS and QUIET you could imagine how i felt when we got this crit.con brief. How the hell am i going to do this?

i am shy meeting new people and when people do look at me, i always think theres something wrong with me or theres something on my face. I prefer not being the centre of attention.

This is why i have chosen to complete this body intervention while wearing a pregnant body suit.!! Yes, i know...

I will be doing what i normally do on a daily basis but with my preggie belly. This unfortunately will result in a whole lotta attention. (which i dread!!)

BAD - partying,drinking with my baby bump and the GOOD-eager pregnant women asking when im due..... haha

So here goes...


  1. oh my goodness lisa!
    you're so brave!

    i can'
    i'm going to start calling you 'baby mama' now.
    see you later.

  2. You are brave, but I know you can do this. I've known you long enough to also know your strong inner core. You go Girl!