Monday, October 5, 2009

Emotionally and Physically UNCOMFORTABLE!!

So today was...... interesting.
Wow its really hard to keep a straight face when people stare at your tummy and it really doesnt help that i look ridiculously young!!
The main thing I have discovered on my first day is that many people instantly look at me but then they quickly glance away so our eyes don't meet. I think they feel socially uncomfortable too. I really need to be more brave and next time it happens just smile and wave or throw in a lil belly rub with a wink. HAha..

Today i intended on going to Pick n Pay to do my groceries with Ivan, my boyfriend, but i really couldnt pluck up the courage to do it..Unfortunately my belly stayed in the car.
This decision of mine made me realise how daunting it must be to actually be pregnant at this age because at least now i have a choice whether i want to take my belly off or not...
Hmm i was a coward today, tomorrow i will be more brave...! promise...

I went to my moms birthday cake and tea event with family and
friends tonight. I was approached at the door with a stressed and hysterical mother. She didn't find the whole thing very amusing (whoops) but my aunt did, she is also pregnant so we plan on taking our bellies out together sometime :)
I proceeded to eat the night away as if i was pregnant and then ended the night with a nice mc donalds meal where no one looked at me funny.. yay for mcy d's :)


  1. fatty;)
    sorry i got you preggers;)

  2. Wow i laughed hard reading this.

    Be brave next time!!! remember the people who see you don't know who you are and will most probably never see you again

  3. there's nothing quite like a mc chicken and fries to ease the boredom of the womb...

  4. hey. i came across your blog and actually found it really funny. I honestly admire your courage to go out with that belly when you are not really preggies. most young girls who fall pregnant find it hard to walk out in public with their bellies because they feel judged all the time, which is sad because they have to carry they heavy load and they don't understand that what other people think of their pregnancy doesn't really matter. what matters is how they feel about themselves.

    I'm 21, but people think i'm 18 and pregnant, but for me the experience of being pregnant is exciting and happy. Unlike you i walk out smiling and not scared at all when i go out with my belly. People look and i actually rub my belly and wink at them when they look at me with displeasure. When my fiance and i go to dinner, sometimes people look at me as if they're saying' look at what this generation get up to these days" and when my man sees that i'm feeling down he just gets up, comes to my side and kisses my belly which instantly gives me a boost.

    Neways sorry for this long ass comment, was just passing by and you've just made my week.

  5. aw wow anita - you have just made mine... keep in touch