Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Will it ever be socially acceptable?

Ah this article i read really helped me get by today!!

"Teenage pregnancy is still a taboo in this country even after aping a lot of the Western culture. Thus most of the times the pregnant teenager is left alone. It's time to either support the helpless teenagers or prevent such social discrimination"

"OUR SOCIETY claims to be modern by following the Western culture. But, are we able to adapt our thought process with the peripheral change or are we still facing doubts on whether to accept certain issues or not"

After today, it has come to my attention that everyone is stil living very much in the olden days. Ah its 2009 people and yes i have a pregnant belly. Although it has calmed down since then, the hype over a teen pregnancy is huge! I went to the shops today and i received a, "JOH" and a very snooty look from a rich mommy type.Pfft..thank you
I remember many teens during primary and high school that i never knew or heard about until that day when you hear that they are pregnant. The instant reaction to the gossip is, shame and then followed by a sigh of relief that this has not happened to you...yet.

Having this constant pregnant belly on me makes me feel like I have the constant glare of eyes on me from every direction and even when i know people know its not real, i still feel like im on display. Its like having an arrow saying - guess what i did?? Its humiluating actually - a fellow student today was looking at me very strangely and finally came out saying, o my word i never realised you were pregnant.
Not only does it freak me out that she is immediately judging my belly but also that i have to deal with those eyes jumping back and forth from my belly. It's not the pregnant thing that gets me, its the attention from being pregnant - but now that i think about it, it's actually an interconnected concept, you can't get one without the other.
I keep telling myself that there are so many other problems in the world and so much worse can happen sp just grow up lisa and stop being a baby!!
Tomorrow will be a good day :) (repeat,repeat,repeat)
Happy pregnant women is on the move ....

Off to make a to do list for Lisa Cobley and her Bobbley
And watch a movie that always makes me laugh, JUNO!
Nighty night


  1. I think you're the cutest preggers lady ever!
    If you did become pregnant, do you think you would be embarrassed? I know you would hate the attention, but do you think you would feel ashamed, like you'd done something wrong? x

  2. why thank you :)
    Hmm well when you put it in that way then.. no.. but i guess i just feel slightly weird walking around with a plastic mould under my clothes haaha