Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cheating schmeating

Ok ok so i cheated and yes i know im supposed to be saying, i feel horrible and defeated but i honestly don't. :) (whoops) -10 :p

I can walk through the shops without anyone looking or have the feeling of a million eyes on my body, i can fit through small spaces and i dont have to sit like a pregnant lady with my legs open with everything resting on my belly. yes! I went to the animation college and fellow students did not pass judgement!

I am so not ready to be a pregi lady, i really have appreciation for any women who is pregnant. That constant extra load must be extremely tiring. Iv had a fake plastic one under my clothes and i am exhausted. No wonder why in ten things i hate about you does the dad make his daughter wear a fake belly before she went on a date.

(i wonder what the equivalent action would be for the boy?)
Normally the dad encourages the son to get in there, you know the "go for it my son" attitude)

Although i didnt have it on, i could still feel the belly -which was really weird. I kept resting my hands on my tummy and walking with a slightly arched back. I was still very much aware of my body.
Although shy, talking and approaching people was actually easier to do when i got used to my tummy. I felt older which is something different for me because people still mistake me for a 15 year old girl. Once a girl at gym asked me the other day if i can't wait for matric?? hmmm...
So i felt more mummy like and without it i feel like a regular student. Its amazing how a plastic casing can make me feel more mommy like. :)

Being flat tummied is great - it doesnt stretch all my damn clothes :) haha

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