Thursday, October 8, 2009

I love Juno

After a really grumpy day, a good movie can normally get me in better moods. I decided that Juno would be the best bet and hey I figured that i could do some research while giggling away at Juno's quirky comments...(bonus)
"Juno had agency. She decided to have sex, and decided what to do about the consequences without the help of the babys daddy" 
 megan haines

What i love about juno is that it goes against the nor
m of pregnancy, yes shes a teen but it does not only deal with that, but with adoption,abortion,sex and politics. Don't you also get bored with that pretentious happy mommy image with the healthy pregnant glow rubbing her tummy??

Friends quote:

Joey: but you look so healthy with that pregnant glow...
Phoebe: Ugh you would have that too if you had your head stuck down the toilet every morning.

(Ah i love friends)

Although iv watched this movie many times before, i relate to it more than ever to it since i am walking around college with my tummy for the world to see!!

I had always heard the media hype with juno and i always thought well ye, coz of the teen pregnancy but now after the crit con lecture, i see that it,s not only about that but it also raises feminist questions. The fact that juno struggles through with the pregnancy and decides to give the baby up for adoption to a single mother shows women power. It raises the question, Who said the mom cant do it alone??

my mom did after all - she had me when she was in high school too
i turned out just fine.. i think..
haha just kidding..

Whats also different about juno is that she does think about abortion, she does go through the
 downfalls of pregnancy but she assessess the situation and did what was best and then carried on with ther teenage life. Its great that people are more prone to this at
titude now - i remember movies that i watched when i was younger, unplanned pregnancy was mostly seen as tragic and sinful.. Now, although still a serios subject, the movies are more light hearted, comedical, romantic and sometimes a suprise love traingle occurs. (eg-Knocked up)

"It reflects what's going on in the world, which is that women no longer need to feel like victims, even if something as dramatic as this has happened. For decades the very phrase 'unwanted pregnancy' was a synonym for soap opera. There was no question what kind of film you were going to see: It was going to be weepy. That has changed enormously. We're now open enough in our willingness to deal with it and show that we can even laugh at it. These attitudes are in the zeitgeist, and the smarter, hipper movies tap into that."

Hmm great movie - watch it!!


  1. hey, that's interesting. You know, i never really felt the need to watch juno, i always brushed it off as just a well-reviewed teen pregnancy story - not something i ever dwelt on or a topic i would think about for more than 5 seconds before casting a biased/presumptious judgement.

    But with a friend of mine now posing as a pregnant teen, i would love to try to understand it more, your efforts kind of made it more real for me, i'm surprised at my reaction.

    I think i'll watch Juno now, thanks Lisa.

    Looking forward to future posts

    My favourite quote (tho it makes me sad):

    Mac MacGuff: I thought you were the kind of girl who knew when to say when?
    Juno MacGuff: I don’t know what kind of girl I am.

    Looks lame written down but its beautiful in the movie.
    I think if you were really preggers you'd be just like Juno. Tho Ivan probably wouldn't go jogging all the time?

  3. you are for shiz up the spud.

    i propose me and mich start calling you junebug for the next week.